Best Ice Maker Counter Top

Our kitchen products has also updated a lot. This products are so much efficient of our kitchen and for our daily life that everyone wants this products to bring in the kitchen. This products are not only making your work easy but also gives an immensely beautiful look to your kitchen.

One such kitchen product is Ice Maker Counter Top. Through which you can easily make the ice in just a few minutes. Than, you are ready to get chilled drinks in just few minutes because of this Ice Maker Counter Top. 

Here, I’ll mention some best Ice Maker Counter Top for you. So you can easily decide which product is go with you and your kitchen. 

  • Frigidaire EFIC-189 Ice Maker Counter Top
  • Gevi Household Counter Top Ice Maker
  • Soopyk Ice Maker Machine


Frigidaire EFIC-189 ice maker top comes in silver colour with the capacity of 20 pounds which has a wattage of 200 volts and voltage 120 volts. Best thing about this product is it makes clear ice cubes instead of Opaque ice cube. At the above of the ice maker, there is large two sided transparent glass through which you can your ice time to time. I. Just a few minutes, you can make ice for your party or for whatever you want Ice. It’s another function is whenever the box is full with the ice and there is no space in that Ice Maker than it automatically indicates you can alert you about the ice cubes.


This stainless steel material Gevi Household Counter Top Ice Maker can self clean themselves and  it has a facility of auto water refill. It has capacity of 26 pounds. One of the good thing of this Ice maker is that it doesn’t make any sound when it is in use. It believes in work silently. It is totally safe and healthy. Periodically it cleans automatically so you get fresh and hygiene ice cubes daily. It saves your energy too to don’t worry about electricity bill too.


This Counter Top of Soopyk Ice Maker Machine comes in Silver Colour with capacity of 27 Pounds includes wattage of 100 watts. It comes with the function of silent work. It doesn’t make any type of sound while in use for making ice. It saves your energy and you get a benefit that it self clean themselves. Another advantage of this Soopyk Ice Maker Machine Counter Top is that it gives you a 24 month warranty,

so, if you find any type of problem in the machine, the company and service man didn’t charge single penny for the repairing, or you can replace the machine as well. 

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