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Mobiles became a part of our life in our day-to-day use and charging them is necessary. Suppose you got to travel in areas where there is no power or electricity, Best Solar Phone Charger comes as a rescue for charging your mobiles. Solar phone charger is basically designed to charge mobile phones by using solar energy.

Usually, a solar phone charger comes with a solar panel that can store energy in it and this can be used to charge the mobile phone when required. But the solar panel needs to be charged by placing it under the sun. These solar chargers are easy to use and portable like other electronic chargers.  Also, no electric outlet is needed for charging the phone if the solar charger is there. If they are kept under sunlight, the batteries will automatically start to charge. Apart from charging mobile phones, they can also charge various devices like laptops, tablets, etc.

We have listed 3 Best Solar Phone Charger with all important information you need to know before buy

1) Zerodis Solar Charger

Zerodis Solar Charger is made with a micro interface and an inbuilt USB, which produces a strong output of power and has many advantages. This charger is ideal for camping, hiking, horse riding, fishing, and other outside activities. Solar phone chargers cannot work based on electricity, as they should be kept in sunlight. After it is fully charged, connect the device you want to charge to the USB output.

The solar panel charger is designed as foldable so that it can be taken anywhere and anytime. They are portable and lightweight and can easily fit in your backpack or daypack. It is a must-buy product if you are a travel person. The output voltage of the solar panel charger is 5.5 volts and the current output is 1200ma. They can withstand various weather conditions since they are made of high-quality crystalline silicon which is durable, strong, and has a long life.

2) FlexSolar Portable Solar Panel Charger 

FlexSolar Solar Panel is designed with two output ports. One is the USB port which can quickly charge your mobile, laptop, iPad, tab, camera, and other USB charging devices. Another is DC output which is used for charging small power stations.  Solar chargers are coated with light  ETFE materials and the surface of the panel is convex and concave, which improves the area of contact with the sun and the rate of energy conversion.

If exposed to sunlight,  they convert 24 percent of solar energy obtained to free energy. They use smart technology and there is an inbuilt chip that can identify your device and gives a quick charging speed. There are two metal hanging through which you can easily hang them on your backpack or even a tree to obtain solar energy. They can be used for various purposes such as camping, road trips, climbing, and hiking. The panel charger is resistant to water and the ETFT coating on the solar panel makes them work even in bad weather conditions, high temperatures, and watery surfaces. They are long-lasting compared to other solar panels but the port of the solar panel is not waterproof.

3) Solorage Solar Panel Charger

Solorage Solar Panel Charger is inbuilt with a chip and voltage regulator which detects your device and delivers quick charging. Solorage power charger provides safe charging and prevents your mobile from overcharging or overheating and also minimizes the risk of short circuits. This foldable solar panel provides 21 to 23 percent of energy conversion and the charging speed is 2.4A for port and 3A for sunlight.

The size of the solar panel is compact and lightweight which makes the solar panel ideal to carry for various activities such as camping, hiking, fishing, or any outdoor activities. They can easily attach to backpacks, tents, or trees because of the attached hooks. Solar panels are coated with canvas and polymer surfaces and protect against various weather conditions. The solar charger is suited for mobiles, cameras, headsets, etc.

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