Best Yoga Mat for working out

Yoga is very important for our life. Yoga can easily helps you to get rid to unwanted weight gaining, depression, anxiety etc and also helps you to regain the good weight. Despite of all this, Yoga also helps you to correct your posture which one of the basic problem of today’s generation.

But, yoga also have some rules and regulations with in, which is very essential to follow if you are going to start doing yoga every day. Yoga needs discipline, good knowledge about yoga asanas, and most important ‘Yoga Mat’. Yes, yoga mat is one of the important part of your daily yoga. Very often, it’s been seen that many people do yoga Asana in bare floor which causes uncomfortable while doing yoga and you also cant able to do yoga properly. 

So, here I’ll mention some Best Yoga Mat which you can find easily on online shopping sites.

  • Amazon Basic Exercise Yoga Mat
  • Cambivo Extra Thick Yoga Mat
  • Gaiam Essential Premium Yoga Mat
  • GymCope Extra Long Yoga Mat
  • CoolMoon Extra Thick Yoga Mat 


Amazon Basic Exercise Yoga mat is of about ½ extra thick which available in different colours like red, black, blue, pink, purple etc. You can trust easily over the product as it is very durable, and you can also wash it if it becomes dirty. But, you can only wash the mat through hands and brush. The length in which the mat comes gives you an enough space to do yoga. It is very light weight so you can carry it easily by yourself.. You can be very comfortable on the mat. 


Cambivo Extra thick yoga mat is available for everyone from men to kids. It comfortable durable foam never disappoints you while you are doing yoga. You can not only perform yoga but also you can do pilates and floor exercise easily on this mat. This mat is very light weight and can be easily handle by anyone. It will not tear soon.


Gaiam Essential Premium Yoga mat is made in such a way that it can be use for yoga, Pilates and for floor exercises. This extra thick, durable and light weight yoga mat can easily get in to your life and in your yoga routine. It gives you wide rang of colour selection so you can select the yoga mat according to your favourite colour. It comes with sticky non slip texture, to perform every yoga comfortably. 


GymCope Extra Long Yoga Mat is usually in bigger as compare to the above mentioned yoga mat. Many people have long height, so for them this will be a good choice for Yoga. This yoga mat is extra thick as well as extra wide so that you do not have any problem from in any side of mat. It can be hand wash easily whether it needs to be wash. It’s grips maintain the friction between mat and your body so than you don’t slip while performing yoga. It has the good durable life with non tear feature.


CoolMoon ¼ extra thick yoga mat comes with life long durability. It can be use from both the side for yoga. It’s non slip and non tear feature gives you the reason to love the product. It comes in different colour so you can choice the mat as per your favourite colour. It comes with hanging strap so you can carry easily at your back. It can wash only through hands. 

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